Remote Readings


Remote Readings is a series of live radio broadcasts hosted by Burcu Emeç and Christopher Willes. The project initiated out of our research into expanded concepts of citation in performance-making as both ethical and embodied practice. Developed as part of Studio 303’s 2021 curators-in-residence program, we met regularly throughout the pandemic, and through the simple pleasure of reading to each other a lasting question emerged: how is my art practice responsible to other people?

In the art world, practices of individual artists and collectives alike are perpetually communicated through the logic of property and ownership. Yet current legal frameworks of these concepts often work against the development of responsible practices for working together. And individual reputation and authorial attribution remain the primary means by which artworks are circulated, and how some become more visible over others. With this in mind, Burcu and Christopher have been asking: can we trouble the idea of ownership, and replace it with belonging? What are alternate economic models for artistic production that center alliance and reciprocity? What new concepts of relation emerge when working methodologies are focused on the commons?

Remote Readings explores these questions over three episodes transmitted in the park. Hosted by Burcu and Christopher, and including contributions from invited artists, each event is experienced sonically (and at a physical distance) through portable radios. 


Guest contributors: Brian SolomonSonia Hughe, Jamie Ross
Project by Burcu Emeç and Christopher Willes
Photographs by Stacy Lee

Developed through the curator-in-residence program at Studio 303

In partnership with Public Recordings

© Burcu Emeç — all rights reserved