Never Again

Never Again arranged works that referred to touchstones of theatricality and performativity in a labyrinthine fashion, providing audiences the opportunity to explore a maze-like structure. Inspired by post-dramatic theatre sub-genres and video games, viewers were invited to participate in the construction of a narrative through the subjective navigation of the space at hand, which at times made playful reference to the notion of inaccessibility within theatre.


Art Matters, Contemporary Arts Festival - NEVER APART
Tonight on Champions of the Local Scene - CJLO


Co-curated by: Burcu Emeç and Michael Martini
Presented at: Never Apart as part of Art Matters Festival
Participating artists: Madeline Smart & Kit McKeown, obraanais, Julie Tremblay,  John Shukin, Annie Moncion, Emile Archambault G., Marie-Pier Larose, Megan Ennenberg, Alisha Billias, Jade Legault, Katia Arcarese, Lauren Kleiderman, Cassie Wright, Kevin Francois, Andres Teixeira, Tyeska Castor, DJ BOHA, Céline Jolin, Natlia Kalicki, Samuel Cousin 
Photos by: Never Apart

© Burcu Emeç. All rights reserved.