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An intimacy coordinator (the title for film/tv) or intimacy director (the title for live performance) oversees the preparation and production of scenes with nudity, simulated sex, or other intimate, hyper-exposed, and vulnerable content. We facilitate communication, provide a consent-based process, and offer movement coaching and choreography. 

I hold certifications from two SAG-AFTRA accredited programs: Intimacy Directors and Coordinators (U.S.) and Intimacy Coordinators Canada, and have worked for CBS, Lionsgate/Starz, and Paramount+, amongst others. I trained with HBO’s In-House Intimacy Coordinator Alicia Rodis (The Deuce, Insecure, High Maintenance), the first to be hired by a major network, as well as with other top intimacy professionals like Claire Warden (Three Women, Gossip Girl) and Casey Hudecki (Infinity Pool, Sex/Life).

With over 15 years of diverse experience in storytelling both on- and off-camera, coupled with a strong background in movement, I am well-equipped to support actors and directors alike in handling these scenes. My approach is rooted in a queer, anti-racist, and sex-positive lens, striving for an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone involved. I also have a complimentary certification as an active listener, which serves as a valuable resource in the filming or staging of vulnerable content.

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What does an intimacy coordinator/director do?

In this role, I implement a consent-forward process during both the preparation and production phases.

This involves facilitating conversations around the artistic vision and discussing the visual and technical aspects of how the content will be filmed/staged. I then have discussions with performers to ensure their informed and ongoing consent, address any concerns or needs they may have to feel safe, and help them prepare for the scenes.

I am also a movement coach, and can provide tools and strategies to film/stage intimacy in a way that is authentic, creative, and effective.

Throughout my work, I follow the highest industry protocols and best practices to create a safe, respectful work environment for both cast and crew.

In summary, an intimacy coordinator/director:

  • Implements proper protocols for scenes containing intimacy, simulated sex, nudity or high emotional content
  • Liaises between production and actors to facilitate communication
  • Movement coaches for scenes with intimacy, simulated sex, and/or nudity, offering choreography when needed
  • Advocates for consent
  • Creates personal, physical and professional protection for actors

    From Intimacy Coordinators Canada

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