Impossible Remix

REMIX is Studio 303's annual performance evening that troubles the idea of ownership through a radical sharing of material: choreographers are invited to remix works by other artists over the course of a one-week residency. For their 30th anniversary, Studio 303 explored their archives to find artists who marked their history by producing works intriguingly “impossible” to remount, let alone remix: Action Movie (2017) was the last creation by the dynamic and now disbanded WIVES, which attempts a live, anti-oppressive action movie on stage, examining the genre’s mass appeal from a feminist perspective. We (Burcu, Michael, Nien Tzu, Roxa) were invited to "remix" this work.


Created and performed by Burcu Emeç, Michael Martini, Nien Tzu Weng, Roxa Hy
In response to Action Movie by WIVES 
Photos by Kinga Mi