original work

unseam'd from nave to chops

FAU, Erlangen, Germany, June 2013.

Cazalet Theatre, Montréal, November 2013.

“[...] Unnatural deeds

Do breed unnatural troubles. Infected minds

To their deaf pillows will discharge their secrets.” (5.1.63-64)


"unseam'd from nave to chops is a collective creation piece devised by the participants of the FAU Erlangen/Concordia exchange program. The point of departure for this project was the work and life of Antonin Artaud. This theatre visionary of the early 20th century posited a “Theatre of Cruelty“ - a precursor of contemporary theatre forms that minimizes the use of literature in favour of focusing on the human body, amongst many other aspects. After reading, analyzing, exploring, and attempting to stage Artaud's work, the following fields of research emerged within the collective: the decay of language; mental states induced by insanity; drug abuse and near-death experiences; appearance of the subconscious in dreams; loss of control over the body; and the ambiguity of lullabies.


Inspired by Artaud's interest in a new approach to the ‘violent’ pieces of Jacobean drama, we began to work with a pre-existing drama as the narrative backbone of our production while staying true to our own unique interpretations of Artaud. The production title is a direct quote from said drama, and illustrates our interest in extreme alterations of the mind and body."


performers & co-creators: Burcu Emeç (Lady M), Gabriel Schultz (Macbeth), Emanuel Knodt (Banquo), Devon MacKinlay (Trickster), Luisa Filip (Witch), Benjamin Rowles (Witch), Jillian Harris (Witch), Melina Hüttner (Chorus), Anthony Kennedy (Chorus), Mareike König (Chorus), Rigo Paula (Chorus), Cassia Giancola (Chorus),  Kathi Schaffer (Chorus).


Stage Manager: Alex Goldman

Sound Designer: Devon Bate

Make-up Artist: Danya Gilday