theatre & acting credits

Shadow / Presence

Ensemble member - creator & performer

Directed by Clea Minaker

Concordia University, Montréal, April 2017.


Shadow / Presence: 15 short performance poems

and one long performance poem: The Land of Hayal


"hayal" in Turkish is used in part to describe the shadows of the traditional Turkish Karagöz theatre

hayal means also:

a state one finds oneself in

a waking dream

a vision

a specter

a castle in the air

a fantasy

a delusion

or quite simply put, the imagined.


A collective creation of many small parts and one shared journey. Our point of departure: what is a shadow? When we become shadows are we an absent presence, or a present absence?


Plays by Don Nigro

Molly (Deadly Nightshade), Mustardseed (Midsummer)

Directed by Liz Valdez

D.B. Clarke Theatre, Montréal, November 2016.


Cheshire Cat, Alice's Sister

Directed by Dean Patrick Fleming

Adapted by Harry Standjofski

D.B. Clarke Theatre, Montréal, April 2016.

Who's Afraid of Margaret Atwood?

Stage Manager

Written & Directed by Michael Martini

Mainline Theatre, Montréal, May 2015.

Attawapiskat is No Exception


Directed by Ursula Neuerburg-Denzer

Written by Floyd Favel Starr

D.B. Clarke Theatre, Montréal, April 2016.