original work


La Plante, Montréal, September 2017.

Galerie VAV, Montréal, August 2017.


"The performances are drawn from the same source, “Dunk,” a full-length play channelled by research on hydrotherapy, especially in Modern France. The scenes come up with wishy-washy metaphors for water. They wish, and then they wash. They don’t work out. Anyway, the play could well be put on, but that’s a draining process I’d rather put off. It’s been through the wringer, and has been left out to dry. Squirt is a performance installation that lets action take the plunge, and sets aside the action’s text like a towel." - Michael Martini


Water Pulse


"In 'Dunk,' a bedridden character confuses the bed and the bathtub. Well, they say when we bathe we are brought back to our mother’s womb. Philosopher Gaston Bachelard has argued dreaming would be impossible without water metaphors. In a nostalgic installation, actors perform discoveries based on object play and long-form improvisation." - Michael Martini


Performers and co-creators: Michael Martini, Burcu Emeç, Jack Dexter, Peter Shaw, Roxane Halary, Allie Shapiro







"Text ought to be served, served justice. Well. The source text, like the bourgeoisie it surveys, worships itself, and bullies the actors who must serve it, inflating to ridiculous proportions. Octazooka compares the cult of health to the cult of authorship, as both ideas seem to be on the same wavelength in the text, but don’t see enough of each other. The performance provides an example of what “Dunk” might look like with speaking actors." - Michael Martini


Text and Direction by: Michael Martini

Performers: Michael Martini, Burcu Emeç, Jack Dexter, Peter Shaw