original work

Never Again

co-curated with Michael Martini

Never Apart Centre, Art Matters Festival, Montréal, March 2016.

“Never Again arranges works that refer to touchstones of theatricality and performativity in a labyrinthine fashion, providing audiences the opportunity to explore a maze-like structure. Inspired by post-dramatic theatre and video games, viewers are invited to participate in the construction of a narrative through the subjective navigation of the space at hand, which at times makes playful reference to the notion of inaccessibility within theatre. Pieces promote the interdisciplinary nature of the art form for the theatre-makers who stray from traditional and conventional forms, and for the non-theatre artists who touch on the discipline’s constituents. In this sense, Never Again showcases pieces that highlight performativity and foster interaction between the crowd and artworks. Encouraging individual agency repositions spectators during performances which thrive on collective participation. Pieces are situated in the bustling, coming-and-going atmosphere which accompanies such a public event. The event is also the context in which Never Again chooses to celebrate the ephemerality of performance. Exhibited artists experienced the workshopping process favoured by theatre-makers, in which the event is collectively brainstormed and developed, with the “curators” acting as artistic directors.” - Burcu Emeç and Michael Martini


Artists: Madeline Smart & Kit McKeown, Julie Tremblay, John Shukin, Anne Moncion, Emile Archambault G., Marie-Pier Larose, Megan Ennenberg, Alisha Billias, Jade Legault, Katia Arcarese, Lauren Kleiderman, Cassie Wright, Kevin Francois, Andres Teixeira, Tyseka Castor, DJ BOHA, Céline Jolin, obra anais performance ensemble, Natalia Kalicki & Samuel Cousin.



Art Matters: Contemporary Arts Festival - Never Apart Centre

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