original work

confiteor vol II

as obra anais performance ensemble

Griffintown, Montréal, May 2016.

"confiteor [vol ii] is a live performance installation where performers explore notions of their 'best revolutionary selves' and invite audiences to do the same by engaging with a dystopian, high-stakes world set in the year 2032.


This show provides a uniquely intimate experience that calls for the critical examination of oppressive systems inherent within capitalism, such as surveillance and propaganda, that make radical movements of social justice necessary. In confessing the ways in which we cower from of our most revolutionary impulses and desires for change, confiteor [vol ii] poses an even greater challenge to its audience: to be more revolutionary in your daily life".  - Alex Petrachuk


Nominated for 5 METAs (Montreal English Theatre Awards):

Outstanding Independent Production

Outstanding Ensemble

Outstanding Emerging Artist

Outstanding Set Design

Outstanding Sound Design (Devon Bate)



Montreal English Theatre Awards 2016 Honourees

A Year of Theatre: The Hub's Highlights of 2016 - Montreal Theatre Hub


Performers & Co-Creators: obra anais performance ensemble [Allie Shapiro, Burcu Emeç, Michelle Rambharose, Alex Petrachuk, Jillian Harris, Meagan Schroeder, Anthony Kennedy, Peter Shaw, Devon Bate]


Design Consultant: Darah Miah

Sound Design: Devon Bate

Video Design: Anthony Kennedy

Projection Design: Xavier León & Anthony Kennedy

Music & Original Composition: Xavier León, malky

Stage Manager: Anna Lytvynova