confiteor vol I

as obra anais performance ensemble

Rialto Theatre, Montréal, March 2016.

original work

"Descend a long way down into the basement of the historical Rialto Theatre on Parc Avenue, for an intimate affair with nine performers who greet their roaming audience with clandestine meetings and the confessions of hidden secrets.


confiteor is a piece that extrapolates on nine individuals’ reflections on seduction: the performance of presenting one’s supposed best self through learned behaviours. The event is centred around discovery, divulgence and persuasion and is approached through multiple contemporary theatrical forms. confiteor opens up a space for reflection as it unravels the problematic, the absurd, and the erotic in these dances of seduction." - Alex Petrachuk


Voted Top 5 Plays of 2016 by CULT MTL.



Obra Anais Performance Ensemble: Confiteor Vol I - Re: Stage Reviews


Performers & Co-Creators: obra anais performance ensemble [Allie Shapiro, Burcu Emeç, Michelle Rambharose, Emily Tognet, Alex Petrachuk, Jillian Harris, Anthony Kennedy, Peter Shaw, Devon Bate]


Composers: BUFFLO, Xavier León, Malky, and tracks featured by SUUNS.

Lighting Design: Darah Miah